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At The Process Improvement Collective, we value the experience, knowledge and ideas that come from within. When I first started in the quality management field over 18 years ago, I found that the insights people had were far more advanced than anything written in a procedure. As the years went by, I learnt how to ask the right questions to invoke meaningful conversations, rather than bobbing on the surface with obvious questions that can only result in obvious answers.

I have put these thought-provoking questions and their purpose to paper to develop The Process Improvement Handbook.

The Handbook includes a series of questionnaires that elicits industry knowledge and issues from employees and refines the issues management ready improvement opportunity proposals, providing the defined start and end for business improvement projects.

The methodology is designed for use by business improvement specialists, business analysts and quality managers as well as management and employees. The questionnaires are designed to inform not only business improvement, but also risk identification, business continuity planning and business planning. The methodology can also be applied to survey results, where employees have been surveyed, but how to address their opinions seems unclear.

I am pleased to share this methodology and hope in return you find progress and improvement. Improvement from within.

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Helen Tilley

Helen Tilley has the admiration of her peers, inspired by her unique way of thinking; transforming the experiences and frustrations of others into progress. Her respectful and approachable nature gives her access to the insights and knowledge of grass roots workers. She recognises where changes need to happen and converts negative experiences into real business improvement.

She has a consultative style and a knack for asking the right questions to get to the meaningful solutions, rather than indulging ‘shoot from the hip’ solutions. She understands the type of culture that can hold progress back and how to discover the culture needed for widespread improvement.

Helen’s greatest skill is her energetic approach to implementation. Improvement initiatives don’t get dusty on a shelf when Helen is on board. She has a methodical and enthusiastic approach to achieving improvement initiatives before they get stale, whilst still tending to the operational bread and butter.

Helen has an MBA, Bachelor of Hotel Management, Cert IV Training and Assessment, Cert IV WHS and over nine years of experience in the quality management field, but it is her 8 years in project implementation that has seen her shine in change implementation. Her ambition is always underscored by her love of helping people to reach their potential and making positive change.

Helen loves the outdoors in particular motorcycle travel and camping. She and her husband have travelled around Turkey, Morocco, Vietnam and India by bike and explore every inch of Australia in their free time.

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