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The Process Improvement Handbook is methodology that provides tools to assist in organising employee knowledge, experience and ideas to create change that employees can see and be inspired by.

What separates this methodology from other process improvement and change methodologies is:

  • Employees truly have buy-in as they are the instigators and the benefactors of the improvement.

  • It starts at the root cause and refines it, rather than spending time flow charting, using cause and effect and perhaps consultants to figure it out.

  • It’s uncomplicated. There are no formulas, flow charts, training or black belts required. Simply follow the carefully devised questionnaires to ascertain the truth behind what is going wrong and how it can be improved.

  • It is quicker. Less time is spent figuring out what should be done and planning how it will be done and more time is spent on implementing real improvements.


If you’ve ever found yourself wishing that you could replace your employees with better ones, this Performance Conversation starter is for you! You already have better employees; you just need to bring out the best in them.

The Process Improvement Collective is all about appreciating employees and recognising their value. This workbook is a starting point to helping you find ‘Improvement from Within’. Within yourself and within your team, leading to better workplace relations, improved staff retention, increased productivity and a positive improvement-centric culture.


I’ve been researching a lot about business process improvement lately and lean techniques, and nothing has ever captured me so much and provided so much insight. It’s the kind of handbook you want to read from start to finish several times.

Renee, Senior Management Systems Officer

The most powerful thing about this methodology is that it harvests the intelligence of people in the organisation.
Paul, Financial and Commercial Negotiator

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