Process Improvement Collective
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Most improvement methods involve mapping the ‘as-is’ process as a starting point. If we only focus on what we’re already doing, at what point do we create and innovate? This methodology takes the focus off existing processes and instead is driven by the desire to maintain a positive culture free of exasperation, competition and comparison. Identifying these points of negativity and eliminating them, will result in not only a better functioning organisation, but one that is free to move and improve exponentially.


This methodology is an easy to follow 7 step process that defines the problem, evaluates its validity, assesses opportunities and provides real guidance on achieving full implementation of process improvement.
Get your organisational objectives back on track

Address the negativity that's holding you back

Make positive change that makes sense at all levels

Focus only on the right improvements


  • The latest buzz word is resilience. We all need to be resilient to get by, but how do you become resilient? When you feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you, how do you get over it and pick yourself up. Putting on a brave face and pushing it aside doesn’t actually get rid of the pain yo...

  • The story of the hare and the tortoise always seemed so ridiculous to me, but it comes up in work and life so often. We think that rushing into getting things done will be the most efficient solution, but sometimes, to work smarter not harder means to delay. It frustrates a lot of people that we are...

  • People often tell me they find themselves nodding when they read the Process Improvement Handbook, so I asked them their favourite quote from the handbook. Here are 10 of the most popular quotes in the order they appear in the book. 1. The presence of frustration is really a desire to improve 2. Ide...

The Process Improvement Handbook contains an easy to follow 7 step process that harnesses employee knowledge and refines it to reveal management-ready improvement proposals that are relevant to objectives.