Process Improvement Collective
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Most improvement methods involve mapping the ‘as-is’ process as a starting point. If we only focus on what we’re already doing, at what point do we create and innovate? This methodology takes the focus off existing processes and instead is driven by the desire to maintain a positive culture free of exasperation, competition and comparison. Identifying these points of negativity and eliminating them, will result in not only a better functioning organisation, but one that is free to move and improve exponentially.


This methodology is an easy to follow 7 step process that defines the problem, evaluates its validity, assesses opportunities and provides real guidance on achieving full implementation of process improvement.
Get your organisational objectives back on track

Address the negativity that's holding you back

Make positive change that makes sense at all levels

Focus only on the right improvements


  • Giving feedback is all about respect. Feedback that is lacking in respect can really hurt the receiver and damage your relationship. Whether it be about work or personal development, all feedback is personal to receiver. Take a moment to question your motives. Is it to show how astute you are in pic...

  • Thirteen years ago I went on a meditation course for 10 days. That is 10 days of no caffeine, no alcohol, no meat and no communication (this includes no phone, no talking, no eye contact and no body language). There are so many things I could talk about with that 10 day course, but what most people ...

  • It feels really terrible to make a mistake or misinterpret something. Your world can come crashing down around you depending on your tolerance for mistake making. Whether you rarely do it, or do it all the time, it’s hard to feel good about yourself, even if it’s just for a few moments. Taking the t...

The Process Improvement Handbook contains an easy to follow 7 step process that harnesses employee knowledge and refines it to reveal management-ready improvement proposals that are relevant to objectives.